Flood Relief - Fund Raiser for Kerala & Karnataka (Kodagu)

 Worst Disaster in a Century.
Help Rebuild the lives of Flood affected people.


Show your support by joining us:
Date: 8/26 (Sunday) 6:30pm-9pm
Venue: Ramana Coaching Center
10230 Berkeley Place Drive, Suite 230, Charlotte, NC 28262.

Kerala is suffering its worst monsoon flooding in a century, with more than one million people displaced, and more than 400 reported deaths.

Karnataka’s Kodagu district — better known as Coorg — is also facing crisis caused by flooding and landslides after heavy incessant rains.

You can also donate:
Body Wash/Soap; Shampoo/Conditioner; Hand Sanitizers; Toothbrushes/Toothpaste; Pads/Tampons; Deodorant; Shaving Materials; Gently Used Shoes of any size/gender;

Organized By United Indian Community Forum (uicforum.org) in collaboration with
Charlotte Malayali Association
Charlotte Kannanda Balaga
HelpHygiene Organization

Ambika Shyamala: 7192296747; Vamsi Pola: 8146023780; Ravi Vasireddy: 7045774138;
Deepesh Kumar: 6512390558; Vinukumar Haridas: 7322083945; Sneha Basavapattan: 7047566729; Raj Kulgod: 7042818732; Nidiya Gaspar: 7045267337; Shanta Dutta: 7044925969; Deepak Gunda: 7047638453; Shailes Stephen: 8608381386.