United Indian Community Forum

Our Mission & Passion


Our Mission

We are a nonprofit 501c3 organization created with a mission to unite diverse Indian communities by channelizing professional, civic and cultural energies to benefit the greater Charlotte community;  Tax ID: 83- 2330527.

**  We don't promote commercial  or political interests/agendas and we are  not affiliated to a religion or race or political party.  Everyone is  welcome to  join us.

**  We don't organize entertainment based events  or religious functions or  political fundraisers or  business promotional events. 


What are we Passionate about?

  • Bringing Indian Communities together to a United Platform
  • Community Service
  • Inter-Community Knowledge Exchange
  • Civic Engagement
  • Community Bonding
  • Empowerment of kids, youth and women
  • Helping social causes 
  • Non-profit fundraisers
  • Out-reach to communities of various faith/race

Proclamation & award


Proclamation - UICForum Day - Dec 10th !!

We have been recognized by Charlotte City Mayor and City Council with a Proclamation and December 10th is declared as United Indian Community Forum Day !!


Community Building Excellence Award !!

We have received Community Building Excellence Award for bringing diverse communities together.

We are looking for volunteers to help us with community events and activities. Volunteers foster community development and success and they are crucial for achieving organization mission and goals.